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This is an experimental prototype created by Semantic Scholar. It provides access to 1.5M open access scientific documents in accessible HTML format. Our system uses machine learning techniques to extract the semantic content of scientific papers and formats it in HTML for easier reading. Because of our reliance on statistical machine learning techniques, some errors are inevitable. We will continue to improve upon our models and would love to hear your feedback in the meantime. The papers included in this demo come from a static dataset; all papers have CC (non-ND) licenses and were published in or before April 2020. More about this prototype...

Example papers

Assessing the utility of social media as a data source for flood risk management using a realā€time modelling framework
2017 L. Smith , Q. Liang , P. James et al.

A synthesis of recent analyses of human resources for health requirements and labour market dynamics in high-income OECD countries
2016 Gail Tomblin Murphy , Stephen Birch , Adrian MacKenzie et al.

Modulating proximal cell signaling by targeting Btk ameliorates humoral autoimmunity and end-organ disease in murine lupus
2012 Jack Hutcheson , Kamala Vanarsa , Anna Bashmakov et al.

Multi-domain Neural Network Language Generation for Spoken Dialogue Systems
2016 Tsung-Hsien Wen , Milica Gasic , Nikola Mrksic et al.

Risk Factors and Preventions of Breast Cancer
2017 Yi-Sheng Sun , Zhao Zhao , Zhang-Nv Yang et al.

HCI meets Material Science: A Literature Review of Morphing Materials for the Design of Shape-Changing Interfaces
2018 Isabel P. S. Qamar , Rainer Groh , David Holman et al.

Spatial Representation of the Workspace in Blind, Low Vision, and Sighted Human Participants
2018 Jacob S. Nelson , Irene A. Kuling , Monica Gori et al.

Responses of Marine Organisms to Climate Change across Oceans
2016 Elvira S. Poloczanska , Michael T. Burrows , Christopher J. Brown et al.

Data Security, Privacy, Availability and Integrity in Cloud Computing: Issues and Current Solutions
2016 Sultan Aldossary , William Allen

The global burden of congenital heart disease
2013 Julien IE Hoffman


To find out more about how we created this prototype, please read our preprint. Accessible PDF available here.



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